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A Line in the Sand

Happy New Year!

It’s official. Another year is upon us. January offers an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, to let go of last year and start anew. This is a time when everyone begins to set goals, but my take is very different. I feel that a key to building a solid foundation for this year is by drawing a line in the sand. It helps you visualize the main objective, which is to get what you really want.

A line in the sand creates new momentum—a feeling of hope in a fresh start in how you want to move forward, not only achieving or performing more efficiently, but in actually being a better version of yourself. When you draw a line in the sand, you demarcate a new beginning, which helps in your exploration of a new way. Within that way, creating wiggle room to play helps to create stronger workers who build more dynamic teams. (We will explore the room to play in my next newsletter). The minute you draw that line in the sand, it sends your brain a message. This is it. What do I want? Then you can step over that line and begin your journey.

The beauty of this line in the sand? It’s an opportunity to get clear on what you want to do this year, what you want to accomplish so that you can feel fulfilled. It’s not just about achievement, but it’s about how to do it.

Facing another year, you say to yourself, I know that I have to do all of these things that a third party (a boss, manager, executive or peer) might want from me. What I need to do is to step back and get perspective. This way I can say, effective today, I will be doing something new and different to get a better result. Create a new portal. Visualize that thing. Commit to a lifestyle change. By doing this, you are also looking after yourself by setting these clear boundaries and goals. It helps us feel that we are heading in the right direction. It’s a more authentic and realistic thought process. A line in the sand cuts the past from the present and creates a chance for a new beginning.

Now for the catch, many people don’t really like change. I work with successful people.

When I begin to talk about change with my clients, they sometimes deflect it. They wonder where to start. As a facilitator of change, I am hired to help with that by creating a line in the sand, which generates positive change.

I am the one who helps. I join you in the process of change. I get to be curious, and I will ask you what you want. Then we’re going to explore how to do it. We’ll put a plan together and then we’ll do the things on the plan. Then we’ll measure the results. How well did we do, and are we any closer to that pinpoint of light that was your vision?

Take this, print it and cut it out. Then affix it to a mirror and your refrigerator. Look at it many times during the day. I want you to really think about it.

Throughout 2023, I will be discussing many topics including: Room to Play, Servant Leadership, I Can Do Anything, Just Not Everything and more.

Ask yourself as we embrace a new year—what do I want? What is important about having it? Then give yourself permission to let go and step over the line.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please reach out at and I will reply.


Robert Paulson


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