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Did You Say Take A Deep Breath?

It's likely you have heard the phrase take a deep breath. I have and if you asked me to explain it I might say something like it helps us to relax. That may be true and you may be wondering how. I don't remember who shared this with me and I hope they don't mind I share it with you now.

Deep breathing benefits the body by taking in the correct amount of oxygen which in turn lowers blood pressure and relaxes muscles. It also relaxes the brain and causes the heart rate to slow down. Deep breathing helps our body to release more carbon dioxide. Amongst the many health benefits of deep breathing are its cleansing properties for the lymphatic system. We know that the lymph surrounds all the cells in our bodies, correct breathing technique removes the toxins from these cells through the lymphatic system. Deep breathing is known to release endorphins which, in layman's terms are called feel good hormones. These are natural pain killers in the body and help relax the muscles and nerves. Deep breathing is also known to help people who are depressed. Asthmatics also benefit a lot from deep breathing as it makes the abdominal muscles stronger and improves the lung capacity. Shallow breathing leads to the flow of insufficient oxygen in the body which leads to muscle exertion, lethargy and fatigue. Deep breathing can help us activate our relaxation stress relievers. It also helps people suffering from insomnia. Deep breathing exercise benefits in losing weight.

It's clear taking a deep breath helps us to relax. I don't know about you but I am going to take a deep breath right now!


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