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How to be Happy...NOW

How would you like to happy right now?

In this short article I will share a quick and easy way to live and be happy. Before we go there, let's take a closer look at what happiness means.

There are many questions about happiness and so much time spent looking for it. I did a quick search on Google and found 326,000,000 results. We want our family to be happy. We want our friends to be happy. We want our co-workers and classmates to be happy. We want to be happy. We want everyone to be happy. Right?

If happiness were a pill and made by a pharmaceutical company, it may suggest its use is not suitable for everyone. Certain side effects might include; periods of joy and pleasant emotions. Some may experience laughter or the sudden need to hug others. Increased risks may include contentment, wellbeing, and perma-smile.

Could happiness be the most desired state? The Wholly Grail and the secret to living a fulfilling life? I think so and would enjoy having more of it. It's amazing that such a desired feeling is free. That's right, one of the best known feelings life can offer cannot be purchased at any price.

Happiness is something we all want yet its meaning is different for almost everyone. So what is happiness and how can you have more of it? Happiness can be defined as a feeling which occurs when you are thinking or doing something you enjoy. It's a feeling that ignites when your thoughts and actions align with your core values.

For me happiness means helping others get what they want. It also means exercising, traveling, and spending time with my family. For some happiness is practicing yoga, painting or fishing. For others it means supporting a charity, creating opportunities or listening to music. There is no right or wrong way, only a way.

While writing this article I asked my family what happiness means for them. My eight-year-old son said happiness means playing sports, my 12-year-old daughter said it means knowing she has a family that cares about her and my wife said happiness is taking care of the kids, making them healthy meals and spending time together. If you are doing what makes you happy how do you think the people around you are going to feel? Happy?

In order for you to be happy, you must first want to be happy.

Here is a simple and easy way to be happy now:

1. Find a quiet place to sit and get comfortable, hands in lap

2. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Its ok if thoughts come and go, just allow yourself to breathe.

3. Once you are comfortable and your mind is relaxed ask yourself: I am happy when I ________. Be patient and allow your mind to communicate to you. It will. This may take time but it WILL come to you.

4. Once you have the answer (its ok if you have more than one) write it down.

5. Now that you have the answer, make a commitment to yourself and do whatever it is as soon as time permits.

This simple and easy exercise is proven to make you happy every time. You can perform this exercise anywhere. At home, at the office, in your car or anywhere you are. The more relaxed you are the deeper your experience will be. You may consider asking yourself how you will benefit by having or doing more of _______ in your life. The more motivated you are the more happiness you will experience. It works every time

Make 2022 a year to remember!


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