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How to Navigate the NEW NORMAL: Part 1

How to Navigate the New Normal: Part 1

A virus brought the world to its knees and as we begin to move forward, many people are curious to know what the New Normal will look like. I am curious too, and what I am most curious to know, is what are we learning?

The New Normal is knocking at the door and the door is already open. This may be a good time to pay attention because the guest at the door, although not invited, plans to stay a while. Before we go any further, let’s have a closer look.

New: not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.

Normal: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

If we are going to move forward and be better than before, we must learn and change.

Change: to make or become different, the act or instance of making or becoming different.

Change is simple and it’s not easy. As a coach, I am familiar with it. I create it for myself, practice it with my clients and understand the process. We can all have it, whenever we want it. It’s simple, just follow the process.

Process for Change

Step 1: Do you want change?

Step 2: Do you know how to change?

Step 3: Are you willing to give change time?


The first step in having change is to “want” it. Do you want change? Are you ready for change? Will you do what needs to be done to have it? Are you currently willing to invest the time and resources to create it? “Want” is the first step and for a good reason. Without it, the desire for it, change is not possible. Change starts here and goes nowhere without it.


Create a plan. The process for change is simple and all you need to do is follow the steps. Knowing “how” to change can be the difference which makes the difference. By having a plan, you are creating a process, removing risk, and increasing your chances for success. Follow your steps and change will move from possible to likely.


Good things take time and you are no exception. I have witnessed good people wanting change, being clear about the change they want to have, knowing how to have it and why it’s important, to later fail because they didn’t give it a chance. They convinced themselves it wasn’t possible and maybe even cursed the process. Change is simple if you follow the steps. It’s not easy because we are dealing with people, egos, beliefs and all those good things. Change is simple if you let it be simple and give it time.

Anyone who has ever changed has gone through the process. We need all three steps, and if we miss one, we get none.

The recent epidemic is providing us an opportunity to learn how to be better and create positive change for our business, our lives, and the environment. The world is changing, we are paying attention, people are reacting, and conversations are happening. It hurts to hear people question if they should ever shake hands again, and how far tables should be set apart at restaurants and if people really need to be close to one another. If this is where we are going, I am not sure I want to go. To be clear, social distancing and taking necessary precautions was and continues to be the right thing to do, just maybe it should not have gotten this far.

I believe there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. If we do not walk away with new knowledge, awareness, perspective, and ways to be better, then we should expect more of this and maybe even worse.

REMINDER: We have a simple process for change. Use it, it is free, and it works.

Let us not forget, we have been sent home and asked to stay there. While home, we have time to appreciate, learn and wonder what The New Normal may look like. To me, the answer is simple. It will look however we want it to look. Grab a brush and start painting.

What will your New Normal look like?

In Part 2, we will explore what we are learning and what we may be more aware of. Stay tuned…


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