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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Do you remember the last time you were pressed to make an important decision? Maybe it was whether or not to delegate an important task/project, let a difficult employee stay or go, who to hire, decide if a merger or acquisition were appropriate, whether or not legal action were necessary, what to say for a press release or how to handle a difficult situation. There are many decisions we make every day and at the time each one is the most important. The resource responsible for giving you the answers to all of your questions is called INTUITION. It also happens to be the safest and most powerful resource you possess.

Have you ever wondered what intuition is or why it does what it does? For me, as I am writing this post now, my fingers are moving without instruction. Words are appearing as if they are coming from something other than my consciousness and I like it.

Intuition is the part of you that "knows". It's the voice that talks to you everyday. It sends you messages and signals you when it's supposed to. That "gut feeling" is your life angel doing what it does best. It guides, protects and keeps you safe.

Some clients ask what they should do when intuition speaks to them. The answer can be simple. Are you present or are you too busy to listen? Intuition is the part of you that knows the answers to the most difficult questions. Some call it a magical phenomenon. I call it your life experiences. It's your minds way of sharing with you what it has learned and how it can serve you. The question is do you listen?

Have you ever wondered how you know what someone is about to say before they say it? What about knowing what happens next during a movie or book you never watched or read before? Possibly you have experienced a strong feeling about something and you didn't know why? This is intuition at work and it can be very powerful once you learn how to use it.

As a coach I help my clients explore the meanings and messages of life. We spend time listening. There are times when my clients are not resourceful. I help them connect with their inner self and explore what's possible and create successful outcomes. Most of the time my clients have the answers to their own questions. They simply need some time and an environment that supports curiosity.

Have you ever had the answer to a problem or came up with a great idea for a project? Do you wonder where the answer or solution came from? Think about a time when you made a good decision or thought of a good idea. What mood were you in and how resourceful were you? For many of us we make decisions based on our emotions. What kind of decision will you make when you are angry, scared, nervous, excited, or happy? Does it make sense to trust in the part of you that has your best interest at heart every time? You may be wondering why it's so important to trust your intuition. The simple answer is because it "knows". It knows you best and knows the best possible outcome based on your life experiences and everything about you. Your intuition is the single most powerful tool in your tool box and should not be discounted or overlooked. It's the magic button if when pressed will guide you to the most favorable outcome. Its sole purpose is to serve and protect "you".

So what exactly is intuition and why should you trust it? Our intuition is like a computer system that collects data (experiences) and stores them. It then uses these experiences (data) and applies it to the present moment to keep you safe and make you happy. You may have heard the expression, learn from your mistakes. It's as if you are on a TV game show and someone is giving you all the answers. Do you want the grand prize? If so, all you have to do is listen.

I have been in situations which I have never been in before and I know what's going to happen next. How is that possible? Do you remember watching a person do something that you knew wasn't safe and watch them get hurt or possibly you have been in a meeting or talking with somebody and you knew what the person was going to say before they said it. Isn't it amazing that we know what we know and more importantly that we are usually right? It can be our emotions that hold us back. It is when we learn to better manage our emotions and listen to ourselves (intuition) that we can truly be happy and experience great success.

The next time your intuition is talking to you or is sending you a message, listen. It's doing what it's supposed be doing (serving). It knows you better than you know you.


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