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You can stop looking because you already have it.

Have you ever felt like something was missing? Maybe a problem needed to be solved or you wanted or needed to change something. We all have things that arrive at our door step. Sometimes we invite them and others times they arrive unannounced. No matter how or when they arrive you know something needs to be done. The question is what or more specifically how.

There is so much information on the internet. Everywhere you look there are blogs, data sites, social media and news sources offering to help you find whatever you are looking for. The world is at your fingertips making it easy to search for anything, anytime, anywhere. What if I told you that you already have the resources you need to help you find or have whatever it is you want? That's right, you have the tools and the ability to solve whatever it is that needs to be solved. Would knowing this make a difference? It did for me, it does for my clients and it will for you.

Maybe you are looking to solve a problem, start a project or feel or look better. We spend time looking because we care, we are motivated and we want to be happy and successful. The question is are you looking in the right places? Are the places you are looking capable of giving you exactly what you want? Possibly you are saying yes and once you find it you will earn more money, solve the problem, get a certain title or position, complete that book, look or be a certain way or simply feel good or be happy. The bottom line is we spend so much time looking outside for something which we already have inside.

Where can you find the answer? I have good news: the low hanging fruit is YOU. That’s right, you are the resource most capable of solving your problem. You may be saying if that were true how come I don’t have the answer? Or if I had the answer I wouldn’t be looking for a solution. Yes and our emotions do a wonderful job of preventing us access to the tools we need to solve our problems. It’s like building a house; once you have access to the tools you need the rest is as easy as doing it.

For example, “Steve” came to me with an issue. He planned on giving a presentation to a very large potential new client. The opportunity was very important for both Steve and his company. It was the end of the year and Steve was being considered for a promotion and significant raise. He was nervous and felt that if he didn’t close the new deal his opportunity within the company would be jeopardized. Steve came to me after spending weeks searching online for new and impressive techniques to help him present. Some of the strategies he found and shared seemed like good ideas and yet something was missing. Steve was not sleeping well and hadn’t been to the gym all week. He asked if there were anything I could do to help. My answer was yes so long as he was open and willing to try something different. He agreed and we got started immediately. Steve was great at what he did and all he needed was a tool from his tool box. Can you guess the tool he needed? If you guessed “confidence”, you are correct. Steve needed to “know” he had the ability to present with “confidence”. He shared with me that this is something he has done many times in the past. For whatever reasons Steve couldn’t access it because he was focused on what would happen if didn’t get the promotion and increased salary. We introduced a strategy which gave him “confidence”. When presentation time arrived, Steve showed up with his tool “confidence”. Steve’s new corner office is beautiful and his new car was proof that having access to his tools was the difference which made the difference.

As a professional coach I help clients access their tool box. I have yet to work with a client who didn't have the resources they needed to help them have anything they wanted. Most of us have a good idea about what we want or where we want to go. We spend time looking for people (relationships), physical items (materials or money) and qualities (knowledge or skills). I am curious to know why it is that when we fail to have what we want, we blame others, claim to not have any luck, or come down hard on ourselves. From this moment going forward you now "know" whenever you want something all you have do is look within. Yes, this may sound strange and I promise you it's not! Whether you want to start a company, speak in front of a group, make more money, be healthy, get a promotion, or have/be/do anything, you can have it and the only person you need to be is YOU.

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