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As an executive coach who works with business leaders and VIPs from around the world, Robert helps create their success stories.

Client Testimonial

Lisa Abbott
Senior Vice President, Lifespan

It has been a pleasure working with Robert. I truly appreciate his unwavering support and am appreciative of his ability to keep me accountable.

Dan-Ritchie - Client Testimonial
Dan Ritchie
Learning + Development Manager, H2M Architects

I had no idea what to expect from Robert when I first decided to pursue executive coaching with him. Robert made some suggestions that nudged me out of my comfort zone and made a great impact on my life. I will be recommending Robert as a secret weapon to my corporate executives that need a personal business coach.

Client Testimonial
David Pearson
SVP, Human Resources & Organizational Development, ExtensisHR

Robert has been an integral part of coaching and development with a key member within our organization. He brings not only solutions but outside ideas to drive engagement and challenge his client member to own their development. Robert will provide the tools, insight and direction but it is his client member that must engage, own and drive to achieve their goals.

Client Testimonial

Tareq Al-Fehailah
VP of Development, Public Investment Fund

I spent several months working with Robert Paulson as my executive coach. I found Robert to be very helpful and cooperative. I benefited greatly and believe other executives will experience the same positive results.

Client Testimonial

Dave Springer
Group President & COO, NIP Group

This was my first experience with a professional coach, and I was unsure of what to expect. It is a wonderfully enlightening experience - plain and simple. I would recommend it to everyone. Robert is compassionate and genuine in his desire to help YOU find YOUR way.

Through a combination of his curiosity and process Robert helped me remember what is important and helped me re-learn what has been critical to my success in business and in life. With his guidance I developed my own personal action plan and became aware not only of what is most important, but why it is important. With Robert’s help I was not only able to reinvigorate myself but have been able to cascade that same energy to my management team.

In short, I am “un-stuck.” Robert’s drive for authenticity produces results that are real, honest and fully aligned with your values. He will help you go deep into what holds you back and then encourage you to do what is in your heart to achieve. I would recommend Robert as a coach to anyone seeking greater fulfillment and joy in their lives.

Client Testimonial

Jonathan Hall
Executive Director, GSMJIF & PEJIF

I have had the pleasure of working with Robert for the last two years. He is a consummat  professional and expert coach, but most of all, he is an active and engaged listener. Through our coaching relationship, he challenged me to examine my driving motivations and align my goals and actions with my mission through probing questions and engaging stakeholders for real-time feedback. I wholeheartedly recommend Robert!

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Client Testimonial Tracey Wallace

Tracey Wallace
VP Pediatric Services, Lifespan

As a seasoned executive I was a bit skeptical on how I would benefit and grow from having a coach. Once I started with Robert Paulson, I knew immediately that his expertise, style, and approach was going to be well worth the time and energy I invested. He engaged with my leadership and stakeholders, identifying areas to focus my development. Robert worked with me outlining an actionable strategy that resulted in successful improvements in my communications and overall leadership skills. I continue to apply these practical strategies and personally and professionally have benefited tremendously from this experience.

Client Testimonial

Brad Groves
SVP, Managing Director, NitroC

I was always hesitant to work with an executive coach; I couldn’t be more pleased after I finally decided to go with Robert. He had no agenda other than to help me bring out the best of myself. His commitment to serving others is what he prides himself on, and he delivers on it. He had a plan and outline but nothing cookie cutter; it was tailored to my needs and goals. And his professionalism, punctuality, accessibility and attention detail is second to none.

Client Testimonial Dante DiLella

Dante DiLella
VP Application and Analytics, ExtensisHR

What an amazing experience this has been for me both personally and professionally. I was blessed with this opportunity to work with such an intelligent and professional coach. As long as you are willing to be honest with yourself, open up and make a positive change, this will be an excellent journey to take!

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Client Testimonial Jeff Wibben

Jeff Wibben
PGA Professional & Co-Founder, Golf Pro Delivered

Working with Robert WILL bring out the best in you. He has the skill-set, expertise, and elite emotional intelligence to help guide leaders to achieve their highest potential. Spending time with Robert is like re-discovering the best version of yourself in a comprehensive way, and I’d give him my highest level of recommendation to anyone looking to improve their life, career, or leadership skills.

Client Testimonial MK

Mary K (MK) Marsden
Managing Director, Avasta

Experience and expertise were just not enough so I got a Leadership Coach when I was in the process of starting my next company. I had the best leadership team ever, a huge market demand and was languishing. I engaged with Rob and the change was immediate. Over the period of 5 weeks, Rob helped me clarify my vision, mission and drivers. He got my mind clear and opened my heart, taking my leadership to a new level. I am so empowered as the CEO, thanks to Rob’s coaching. His approach gets you into action and unleashes your full potential. If you want results in your career and life hire Rob.

Client Testimonial Jan Kaupas

Jan Kaupas
VP of Business Development, ValueHealth

Robert and I worked together over the past year and I can truly say it was such a positive and productive experience. Robert was my Executive Coach providing process that helped transform me to become a better leader, manager, and most importantly a man. Robert is a true professional who brings years of experience in coaching, leadership and of course creating a strong developmental path. I highly recommend Robert for any company executives.

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