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Your Thoughts Create Your Reality: Want to go for a ride?

It happened again! It feels like I am writing an article I wrote a short while back and it's not. My fingers are busy typing away as I sit here at the breakfast table alone, back hunched over, face red and my heart beating quickly.

Earlier this morning while lying in bed, I noticed the part of me that likes to be in control was also awake. It wasted no time in telling the rest of me to go back to bed. It did not want to be up early and was on a mission to convince the rest of me I was tired and needed rest. It wanted every part of me to know I only had a few hours of sleep and tried to close the deal by reminding me how comfortable I was lying in bed. Then, out of nowhere, and perfectly timed, my creative side stepped forward and cleverly guided my attention to how good I would feel after I got up and went for a run. This part of me wanted all of me to know how great my day would be after I got up and went for a morning run. I allowed myself to think about how good I would feel after getting out of bed. I knew if I allowed myself to focus on the results long enough something would happen. Then out of nowhere, BAM! Something happened. It was like an explosion and sure enough the next thing I knew I was tying my laces and heading out the door.

As I opened the front door and stepped outside I couldn't help and notice the rising sun. There it was, right in front of me. The bright pink and orange sun pouring over the tree tops. You couldn't help to stop and notice. If you stared long enough you could see the sun rising. As I stood there looking up I had this feeling life was rewarding me for making the right decision. I felt everything was good and noticed there was a newly planted thought inside my head suggesting I am where I am because it's where I should be. It felt great. I don't know and I can only guess it was life's way of communicating with me. I noticed the air was slightly cool with a dash of it's almost summer. I noticed my breathing was calm and my thoughts were soft. Everything felt right and I had to remind myself I was up for a reason and had some running to do. I stretched for a few moments and off I went, down the steps, across the grass and through the path to the street where I began my morning journey.

For me, when I run, my mind opens and thoughts come freely. It's like a form of meditation. It was only a moment or two before my mind took a turn and started to think about all the things I had to do and what could go wrong if I didn't get them done. I was thinking about the previous day's meeting. Did I do a good job? What did everyone think of me? Oh no, I can't forget to return Stan's email and don't forget to call Nancy. I have a presentation to prepare and what if I don't do a good job? I have so many things to do and there is not enough time in the day. Before I knew it, my mind was hijacked. What happened? Someone got behind the wheel of my car and started driving. The destination was nowhere good. How can so many unwelcome thoughts arrive without an invitation? It was like having wedding crashers on my special day. They were fired up and ready to turn the event upside down.

It must have been fourteen or sixteen minutes into my run when I heard a large bang on the pavement to my right. It was only two or three feet away and it startled me. Actually, it scared the living day lights out of me. It sounded like someone dropped a big bag of flour from the sky. I looked over and noticed a squirrel laying there, on the ground and in the middle of the road. It must have fallen from the tree and hit the street. The little guy managed to get himself together and ran off. My heart was pumping and I was aware of everything around me. At that very moment, something changed. The previous thoughts that were running wild were gone. I was in control, sitting behind the wheel and ready to drive somewhere good. I started to think about how good I feel and how the squirrel snapped me out of a trance. Thank you squirrel!

The hijacker was gone. The wedding crashers moved on and my mind was starting to fill with good thoughts. I couldn't help and notice how beautiful a morning it was and how my family was home happy and asleep. I was excited about the day ahead and how it was filled with opportunity. There were so many things to be grateful for. This was much different than a few moments ago. My mind was open and I was present. Good, clean and creative thoughts were flowing. I was back and I liked it!

As I continued with my morning journey I started to wonder how what just happened was a learning experience and how the squirrel dropping from the sky helped me get back on track. How great is that, replacing unwanted thoughts with wanted thoughts? It didn't take long before things started to make sense. Today's experience proved we are what we think about. Our lives are a reflection of our thoughts and whatever we think about we invite into our life. Have you ever considered how much time you spend thinking about things that don't help you get where you want to go? It's ok because you are not alone. If you are anything like me it happens more than I would like to admit.

We cannot control other people and we can control what we think about. What you think about controls how you feel and how you feel controls what you say and ultimately what you do. Can you see how important it is to have thoughts support who you are and what you want? What becomes possible when your thoughts are aligned with what you want? For me it creates a feeling that everything is possible. What about you?

If you have time and you are curious let’s have some fun. Follow me and allow yourself to remember a time when you were happy. It's ok if you need some time to think about it. Think of a time when you were enjoying whatever it is you were enjoying. It could be anything so long as it is something that made you happy. It's possible you see an image and when you do, allow yourself to hold it. Maybe you were alone or maybe you were with people. Once that image is present notice everything about you and how happy you are. Now, with that image being present ask yourself what you must have been thinking about for you to be doing what you were doing when you were happy. Certainly you were thinking about something and clearly that something made you happy. For you to be (feel) happy you must have had thoughts that made you happy. It’s your car and you are driving. Yes, it's simple and it's something you can control.

The next time you want something you might consider asking yourself these simple questions:

  • What do I want?

  • What must I think about to have whatever it is I want to have?

I believe, and maybe you do too, everything starts with a thought. Every dream, every invention and everything we see around us.

Life’s message: Our lives are a product of our thoughts. We are what we think about most. Change your thoughts, change your life!

What do you want in your life right now? Possibly it's a new career, a big deal to close, a merger, new relationship or client, starting a new project/company or anything else for that matter. Now ask yourself what thoughts must you have to support what it is you want. Remember, your hands are on the wheel and your arse is in the seat. This means you are driving and that means you are in control!

Enjoy the ride.


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